Waltraud Munz-Heiliger (Frankfurt)

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She works conceptually and is inspired by biological phenomena and their implementation in a new artistic and philosophical language, which premise is awareness and transformation. Reading maps like New Music scores. Create a resonance space. And again and again: INSIGHT!


She is a German conceptual artist.

She studied Art in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Frankfurt/Main (Städelschule) and has exhibited her work internationally in galleries and museums. She was invited to several Land-Art-Symposiums like China, Norway, Egypt, Poland, Slovenia, USA, Lithuania, France, the Czech Republic and Germany. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, grants and scholarships. Besides painting, photography and sculptural objects, she works since 1998 also in site-specific installations in the in- and exterior space. She created land-art projects with grass and other ephemeral materials. All her works are based on the relationship between science and art, especially cartography and art. The idea always determines the material she is using. All works are based on the fascination of the bird's-eye view. The ikarian view leading to cluster from the overview.