Joachim Jacob (Hamburg)

jacob bandlwerk lichtenberg 03092019 web jacob conus facialis messel pit 26082019 web jacob rocaille sauvage pavillon de mannheim 30082019 3 web jacob tower of local earth history clay pit reichelsheim 02092019 web


born 1959 in Bremen/Germany, studied Biology, Philosophy and Architecture. He lives and works in Hamburg/Germany as an artist and exhibits since 1997.

Besides the early focus on drawings and photography, his studies opened the focus onto spatial structures and surfaces. Spatial Installations . Spatial structures in nature, ornaments and landscape belong to the field of his artistic research about the architectonics, the art of space. The use of ephemeral materials, their potentials of metamorphosis, their influences onto the architectonic and the reception of visitors are important impacts of his work. At the beginning, site-specificity is an inevitable first step, which will be transformed by the artistic intervention. So, derived from research of site and theory, the design will be a thesis to be put into a spatial experiment. This composition, a building, is a social space for perception, of the self and the surrounding nature and space.

Four large Art-in-Nature works are existing in Canada, Sweden and Germany (2).

References of the Art-in-Nature towards Art History: Alberti, Fr. Borromini, Balth. Neumann, De Stijl, F. L. Wright, Le Corbusier, H. Scharoun, H. Bienefeld, P. Zumthor, F. E. Walther, H. Prigann, T. Ando, SANAA et. al.