Kang Wen Juan (CN)

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What is Nature Art? In 2018, during the GANP in Gongju, I interviewed artists who participated in this event. The answer they gave me shows that, to sum up, Nature Art is an artistic form that draws on nature itself as the source of power for creative expression.

This time, I will do a philosophical practice to feel what the meaning of nature art and express some of my accumulated creativity through natural art works. There will be two series, one is the Monsters in the forest, and the other one is the Chinese perspective. The ideas of monsters in the forest series came from some of my childhood natural art creation practices, using pine needles, dog tail grass (green bristlegrass) and other plants to weave or stitch together into a non-existent monster image. I will show the artistic style of the Chinese people through some landscape perspective choices, and this series of works will be presented in a unified way.