Katharina Sommer (Darmstadt)

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Performances, still lifes, the being nature as a human and the view on nature. The acts of civilisation alienate from nature and bringing them to nature again makes part of it human, with the example of clothing for instance.


Since 1987 indoor and outdoor public performances and exhibitions with masks, performance, sculpture and fine art. The last years:

2016 "Work of Thread " Single Exhibition Zeltnerschloss, Nürnberg

2017 "8tung" Attention Atelierhaus BBK Darmstadt

2017 GNAP Germany, Global Nomadic Art Project International artists

2017 "Before my time.." Sabine Eller Galerie: living and dieing

2017 GNAP Türkey Izmir with international artists

2017 / 2018 Exhibition and workshop in Shenzhen, China "Rice"

2019 Artist in Residence Sardegna, Italy "the ship in the woods"

2019 Exhibition Gallery One Art Space "Women's day"

2019 Exhibition Gallery One Art Space "She is"

2019 Finalist Artolympia Japan: Metropolitan Museum Tokio