Zhang Kaiqin (CN)

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Kaiqin Zhang is an artist and organizer, currently working for her independent art organization, Handshake 302, Shenzhen, China. She’s participated and completed many large-scale public art projects commissioned by government, and studied public art system. She current focus is on the Shenzhen local area. She’s working with local curators, artists and professionals in various fields, to explore the potential of public art’s development in the area. They are running an art space, Handshake 302, in the Baishizhou urban village for inviting people from various backgrounds to enjoy arts and communication.

The interaction between humans and the connection human beings with nature have always been the focuses of her works. Simplicity, calmness along with observing the excited surroundings with kindness and humor are the key components of her style. Her works have always reflected the constant conversation with the immediate surroundings, never put up objection to other elements and humans within the same environment. On the contrary, they oftentimes become part of the works and their spontaneous behaviors from time to time bring inspiration and good surprises to the works. After her touching the nature art first time in Korea with Yatoo, this field have been inspiring her and her art works deeply.


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA 08/2008-06/2010, Master of Fine Studio Arts with Specialization in Sculpture

China Academy of Arts, Hangzhou, China 09/2005-06/2008, Master of Art in Sculpture

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China, 09/2000-06/2005 Bachelor of Art in Sculpture

Einzelausstellungen und Projekte

Hand Shake 302 Public Art Project in Urban village Baishizhou.(Shenzhen) 09/2013-present and Stance of Existence at China Academy of Arts 03/2007